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Tabare Depaep,

Breastfeeding Educator

(818) 679-0947

So you've decided to give your baby the breast start but you're having some problems?

You need the Milk Maid!

Many women have never seen a mother breastfeed her newborn, and don't know what to expect.  Many women suffer temporary problems that require just a little bit of help from an experienced breastfeeding educator.   Some problems require the expertise of a certified lactation consultant, but most problems can be solved simply with informed woman-to-woman advice.

I've been trained to provide the level of support most new moms need and want: simple, easy to follow instructions from someone familiar with the most common nursing concerns and their most effective solutions.

I will help you:

* Learn how to position your baby properly to get a good latch,
* Keep your baby awake during feedings if s/he falls asleep too early,
* Learn how to tell if your baby is getting enough milk,
* Solve common problems like engorgement and low milk supply,
* Figure out when to see a healthcare provider for serious problems like persistent low/inadequate weight gain,
* Recognize milk duct problems like clogged ducts, thrush, mastitis,
* Use your breastpump effectively for maximum milk production, and
* Decide when to wean and how to manage the weaning process to avoid painful engorgement.

If you would like to learn more about the services I offer and pricing please call or email me for an initial
consultation.  I look forward to helping you give your baby the start in life they deserve--the breast start!

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